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Compressed Work Week Guidelines

A Compressed Work Week (CWW) is designed to accommodate employee needs for flexibility in their work schedules, while meeting the operational needs of the university. Compressed Work Week (CWW) is defined in UT Policy HR0480 Work Schedules as:


A work schedule in which employees work more than 8 hours per day
and less than 5 days per week (e.g., a work week of four ten-hour days.)


The following guidelines are recommended for implementation of Compressed Work Week on all UT campuses and institutes:


  • All work schedules must accomplish the mission, functions, goals, and objectives of the operational unit

  • Participation in a CWW is voluntary*

  • Supervisors determine employee eligibility to participate in a CWW

  • Salaries and benefits do not change when an employee participates in a CWW

  • All regular full-time employees receive 8 hours of scheduled holiday and administrative closing

  • Regular part-time employees receive benefits based upon their percentage of effort according to the relevant University policy

  • In work weeks in which scheduled administrative closings and/or holidays occur, employees on CWW schedules will return to the university’s standard work week of five, eight-hour days. If business necessity requires an exception, human resources must be contacted as noted below.
    Example:  An employee works Monday through Thursday, ten hours per day on a CWW schedule. The week of Thanksgiving, the employee will work eight hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and will receive eight hours for the holiday on Thursday and eight hours for the administrative closing on Friday, for a total of 40 hours.

Requests to establish a CWW or to amend an existing CWW for a department or operational unit are prepared in writing by the dean, director, or department head (DDDH). The request is reviewed by their human resources (HR) office for compliance. If any modifications are required, HR will assist with these. When the CWW is in compliance, the proposal will be submitted to the vice president or to the chancellor for review and approval. If approved, both the department and human resources will maintain a copy of the approved plan. After this approval, the DDDH will approve individual employee CWW agreements according to the approved CWW plan for that department or operational unit.


*Some positions may participate in CWW or some other alternate work schedule as a condition of employment, which is discussed with employees at the time of hire. In such cases, requests from the employee to change or discontinue the work schedule may not be possible.                 


Compressed Work Week Proposal and Agreement form 
Time Reporting for Compressed Work Weeks with Holidays and/or Administrative Closings         


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