The University of Tennessee System

Surplus Property

Hours of Operation

Pickup and Receiving: Daily 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. & 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Department Selection and Transfer of Surplus Property:
Monday through Thursday: 9:00 - 11:30 a.m. & 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

General Information

Surplus Property is responsible for the receipt, transfer, and disposal of university surplus property. Use as many pages as necessary but only one location per request. General information on all phases of this operation follows:

  • Declaring Property as Surplus

    Depending upon the type of property, different forms are required. For non-computer items, complete the
    S-1 - Surplus Property form, listing each item individually. In some instances, similar items may be combined on one line, such as, "15 assorted chairs," instead of listing each chair individually. Other items that are usually combined are: desks, tables, file trays, and file cabinets. Items that are classified as sensitive items, and/or are listed on the department's inventory must be listed singly.

    For computers (e.g., laptops, workstations, and servers), the
    S-2 - Computer Surplus form should be completed. This does not include monitors and other computer accessories. Any unit that contains a hard drive must be individually listed on this form.  If more pages are needed to list more computers, please use a second form.  Like items MAY NOT be combined on this form. Sanitization of hard drives is now performed by Surplus Property; just leave the "Method Used" field blank on the form. 

  • Pickup of Surplus Property

    After the appropriate forms are completed, and the appropriate department signatures are obtained, fax the document to Surplus Property, 865-974-4959. Surplus property personnel will arrange pickup with the contact person identified on the surplus form.

    Scheduling of surplus property pickup will be in the chronological order that the documents were received. There are no fees or charges assessed for this service, and because of it, the list is normally quite lengthy, and pickup may take longer than anticipated.

  • Document Processing

    After the surplus property has been received, inventoried, and accepted, surplus property personnel will acknowledge receipt of the items by signing the Surplus Property Form, and sending the original to the Controller's Office for removal from inventory, if applicable, one copy to the department for files retention, and another copy is retained in the Surplus Property department. Every copy will reflect all annotations, corrections, and notes that are made by the property in-checker. Discrepancies or disagreements must be resolved as soon as possible by calling 865-974-7891.

  • Transfers

    Surplus office equipment and furniture may be transferred to departments for a minimal charge. Persons viewing the surplus property must be either a faculty member or staff, and have in their possession a valid UT ID card. Items selected for transfer will be recorded, and charges assessed through the IRIS accounting system. After the department approves the charges, the person requesting the transfer of property will be contacted and allowed to remove the property. Departments must provide transportation for removal of the items. All transfers must be approved within three business days, or the items will be returned to stock. Selection and transfer of surplus property for personal use is strictly prohibited.
  • Disposal of Surplus Property

    There are three (3) methods by which surplus property is disposed. One is Public Auction, next is Sealed Bid Sale, and the third is Online Auction. State employees, to include UT employees, may only participate in Public Auctions and Online Auctions. State employee participation in Sealed Bid Sales are strictly prohibited. The most popular are public auctions, and approximately eight are held each year. These are advertised in the Knoxville News Sentinel, and notices are sent to deans, directors, and department heads, and also in the UT listserv. Online auctions are continuous, and accessible at Online auctioneers include UT departments located at Knoxville, Milan, Tullahoma, Crossville, and Greeneville, so please note the location of the items before bidding. 

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