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Memberships And Subscriptions Procedures


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To provide policies on the purchase of memberships and subscriptions.


Memberships and Subscriptions[top]

  1. This policy addresses membership dues and subscriptions paid from state funds. The guidelines apply to all University of Tennessee campuses and units except campus libraries, which are exempt.

  2. The department head is responsible for enforcing the provisions below and for ensuring non-renewal of memberships and subscriptions that were canceled previously. Each campus and unit should develop specific procedures for reviewing and approving memberships and subscriptions.


  1. Departments should follow the guidelines below in obtaining memberships and subscriptions.

    1. Generally, all institutional memberships and subscriptions must be purchased in the name of the university and be directly related to the mission of the department for which the membership or subscription is purchased.

  1. The department head has full authorization to approve memberships and subscriptions. The approval must be documented and submitted with the dues invoice. The Justification for Non-Competitive Purchases and Contracts form is not required for memberships and subscriptions.

  1. Membership dues or subscriptions for individuals are allowed, provided they are approved by the department head and when: (1) an organization does not permit institutional memberships and membership would be of value to the university, or (2) an institutional membership is costly and memberships in the name of an individual staff or faculty member would be more economical.

  1. Duplicate memberships and subscriptions should be evaluated with the intention of eliminating duplicate memberships and subscriptions.

  1. When the university pays for an employee to attend a professional meeting that includes membership dues in the fee, this expense shall be considered membership dues and be subject to the procedures developed by the campuses and units.

  1. Faculty and staff membership in civic organizations is encouraged; however, state funds may not be used to pay for such memberships.

  1. The university may not subscribe to political publications (see exemption in 1 above).

  1. The university may subscribe to newspapers within its service area for public information or instructional purposes. However, athletics departments may subscribe to newspapers outside the university's service area.

  1. Subscriptions to airline flight guides must be approved by the department head, under the following conditions:

    • The subscription is essential to the effective, efficient operation of the campus or unit.
    • Campus/unit personnel engage in a large amount of airline travel.
    • There is no other campus/unit or agency that could share the subscription.

  2. Newspaper clipping services must be approved by the department head. The need for the service shall be clearly explained in writing and address the following points:

    • The subjects to be clipped
    • The type of clipping service requested (for example, all daily newspapers in the State)
    • The use of information provided by the services:

        Who will receive the clippings
        How the clippings benefit the university

    • A statement that the clipping service is the most economical means of fulfilling the university's need

  3. If it is the desire to have the university pay the employee's dues and the above criteria apply, the department head should certify on the dues invoice that the circumstances have been investigated and meet the criteria.

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