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Fiscal Policies

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FI0105 General Statement On University Fiscal Policy
FI0110 Budgets
FI0115 Reconciling And Reviewing Departmental Ledgers
FI0120 Records Management
FI0125 Conflict Of Interests
FI0130 Fraud, Waste, And Abuse
FI0131 Cash Shortages And Property Losses
FI0135 Insurance (Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Automobile Accident Claims, And Property)
FI0140 Unclaimed Property
FI0145 Service And Recharge Centers
FI0150 Approvals
FI0155 Duplication And Distribution Of Instructional Materials Prepared By Faculty
FI0205 Sponsored Grants And Contracts
FI0210 Cost Sharing
FI0215 Effort Certification
FI0220 Cost Transfers
FI0225 Code Of Business Ethics For Sponsored Projects
FI0230 Subcontract Monitoring
FI0235 Program Income
FI0305 Accounts Receivable
FI0310 Receiving And Depositing Money
FI0311 Credit Card Processing
FI0312 Custody Of Third-Party Funds
FI0315 Gifts
FI0320 Indicia Licensing, Promotions, And Sponsorships
FI0325 Concessions And Solicitations On The University Campus
FI0330 Unrelated Business Taxable Income (Ubti)
FI0405 Purchasing - General Policies
FI0410 Purchasing - Bidding Requirements
FI0415 Purchasing - Requisitions And Purchase Orders
FI0420 Contracts
FI0425 Campus Bookstore Purchases
FI0430 Receiving Materials
FI0435 Memberships And Subscriptions
FI0440 Purchasing - Purchasing Equipment Under Capital Lease Agreements
FI0445 Employee Services Between The University, Board Of Regents Institutions, And State Agencies
FI0450 Moving Allowance
FI0505 Processing And Paying Invoices
FI0510 Advance Payment To Vendors
FI0515 Paying Contractors
FI0520 Internal Transfers
FI0525 Petty Cash
FI0530 Procurement Cards
FI0605 Equipment
FI0610 Surplus Property
FI0615 Disposition Of Gift Personal Property
FI0620 Capital Outlay
FI0625 Lease Of Real Property By Or To The University
FI0630 Housing For Senior-Level Administrators
FI0705 Travel
FI0710 Corporate Travel Card Program
FI0715 Entertainment, Group Arranged Events And Food Purchases For Ut Sponsored Conferences And Seminars
FI0717 Employee Gift Acceptance Policy
FI0720 Retirement Receptions
FI0725 Use Of University Vehicles
FI0730 Cellular Telephones And Other Wireless Communication Devices
FI0735 University Aircraft
FI0805 Information Technology Resources
FI0900 Fringe Benefits Provided To Employees
FI0910 Taxability Of Graduate Tuition Waiver For Employees