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Human Resources Policies

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HR0102 Emeritus Status
HR0105 Employment Status
HR0110 Employment Of Minors
HR0115 Employment Of Relatives
HR0120 Employment Of University And State Of Tennessee Retired Employees
HR0122 Employment Of University Employees By Other University Personnel
HR0125 Exit Interviews
HR0126 Flex-Year Positions
HR0128 Human Resources Development
HR0129 Performance Review
HR0130 Personnel Files And Release Of Information
HR0135 Probationary Period
HR0143 Recruiting
HR0145 Reduction In Force
HR0150 Restoration Of Force
HR0160 Termination Of Employment
HR0165 Title Lists
HR0220 Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, And Diversity
HR0280 Sexual Harassment
HR0305 Annual Leave (Vacation)
HR0307 Benefit In The Event Of An Employee Death
HR0310 Continuous Service Credit
HR0315 Court Leave
HR0320 Administrative Closings
HR0330 Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver)
HR0331 Educational Assistance (Student Fee Discount) For Spouses And Dependent Children Of Employees
HR0335 Educational Leave
HR0338 Family And Medical Leave
HR0340 Funeral And Bereavement Leave
HR0345 Group Insurance
HR0350 Holidays
HR0355 Leave Of Absence
HR0360 Leave Transfer Between The University And State Agencies
HR0370 Military Leave
HR0373 Personal Leave
HR0374 Post-Retirement Service Program
HR0375 Retirement Plans
HR0380 Sick Leave
HR0382 Sick Leave Bank
HR0383 Sick Leave Transfer Between University Employees
HR0385 Social Security Benefits
HR0390 Tax-Deferred Income Program
HR0395 Time Off To Vote
HR0397 Workers' Compensation
HR0405 Compensation Philosophy
HR0432 Longevity Pay
HR0445 Overtime Compensation
HR0455 Pay Rates
HR0465 Salary Increase For Passing Certified Administrative Professional Examination
HR0472 Supplemental Pay Practices
HR0480 Work Schedules
HR0505 Attendance
HR0515 Collection Of Debts Owed To The University
HR0525 Disciplinary Action
HR0530 Garnishments
HR0580 Code Of Conduct
HR0630 Employee Relations Advisory Organization
HR0640 Grievances
HR0720 Drug-Free Campus And Workplace