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A      [top]
Administrative Closings  Policy No.: HR0320
Annual Leave (Vacation)  Policy No.: HR0305
Attendance  Policy No.: HR0505

B      [top]
Benefit In The Event Of An Employee Death  Policy No.: HR0307

C      [top]
Code Of Conduct  Policy No.: HR0580
Collection Of Debts Owed To The University  Policy No.: HR0515
Compensation Philosophy  Policy No.: HR0405
Continuous Service Credit  Policy No.: HR0310
Court Leave  Policy No.: HR0315

D      [top]
Disciplinary Action  Policy No.: HR0525
Drug-Free Campus And Workplace  Policy No.: HR0720

E      [top]
Educational Assistance (Fee Waiver)  Policy No.: HR0330
Educational Assistance (Student Fee Discount) For Spouses And Dependent Children Of Employees  Policy No.: HR0331
Educational Leave  Policy No.: HR0335
Emeritus Status  Policy No.: HR0102
Employee Relations Advisory Organization  Policy No.: HR0630
Employment Of Minors  Policy No.: HR0110
Employment Of Relatives  Policy No.: HR0115
Employment Of University And State Of Tennessee Retired Employees   Policy No.: HR0120
Employment Of University Employees By Other University Personnel  Policy No.: HR0122
Employment Status  Policy No.: HR0105
Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, And Diversity  Policy No.: HR0220
Exit Interviews  Policy No.: HR0125

F      [top]
Family And Medical Leave  Policy No.: HR0338
Flex-Year Positions  Policy No.: HR0126
Funeral And Bereavement Leave  Policy No.: HR0340

G      [top]
Garnishments  Policy No.: HR0530
Grievances  Policy No.: HR0640
Group Insurance  Policy No.: HR0345

H      [top]
Holidays  Policy No.: HR0350
Human Resources Development   Policy No.: HR0128

L      [top]
Leave Of Absence  Policy No.: HR0355
Leave Transfer Between The University And State Agencies  Policy No.: HR0360
Longevity Pay  Policy No.: HR0432

M      [top]
Military Leave  Policy No.: HR0370

O      [top]
Overtime Compensation  Policy No.: HR0445

P      [top]
Pay Rates  Policy No.: HR0455
Performance Review  Policy No.: HR0129
Personal Leave   Policy No.: HR0373
Personnel Files And Release Of Information  Policy No.: HR0130
Post-Retirement Service Program  Policy No.: HR0374
Probationary Period  Policy No.: HR0135

R      [top]
Recruiting  Policy No.: HR0143
Reduction In Force  Policy No.: HR0145
Restoration Of Force  Policy No.: HR0150
Retirement Plans  Policy No.: HR0375

S      [top]
Salary Increase For Passing Certified Administrative Professional Examination  Policy No.: HR0465
Sexual Harassment  Policy No.: HR0280
Sick Leave  Policy No.: HR0380
Sick Leave Bank  Policy No.: HR0382
Sick Leave Transfer Between University Employees  Policy No.: HR0383
Social Security Benefits  Policy No.: HR0385
Supplemental Pay Practices  Policy No.: HR0472

T      [top]
Tax-Deferred Income Program  Policy No.: HR0390
Termination Of Employment  Policy No.: HR0160
Time Off To Vote  Policy No.: HR0395
Title Lists  Policy No.: HR0165

W      [top]
Work Schedules  Policy No.: HR0480
Workers' Compensation  Policy No.: HR0397